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The Australian mining industry is one of the most significant industries of the country. Mining industry provides innumerable benefits to the culturally diverse community of this nation. Arumpobentonite is a well established company operating since 2002. We are a privately owned Australian specialist mining contract company. Our annual turnover is in excess of AU$6 million.

Arumpobentonite provides services which specialises in providing services to the mining industry around the Sydney region. New South Wales has the third largest workforce working in mining industry in Australia. Our company thrives on providing effective and efficient mining services to our clients around the Sydney region while contributing to the wealth and prosperity of Australia.

Mining sector is a hard working industry and requires 100% commitment from all the people working in it. We as a mining-service providing company excel in providing simpler, cost effective and innovative project solutions to our clients in the Sydney region of New South Wales. Our company follows all the necessary safety requirements and have an exceptionally good safety record. The quality of our work and maintaining highest safety standards helps us to successfully deliver profitable projects to our clients.

Our company which deals in providing mining services makes sure that our workforce also consists of people from local community so that local knowledge is recognised; also help the community by supporting locally based suppliers. Arumpobentonite has all the required certifications related to quality and safety necessary for meeting Australian and international standards. You can even visit us in our office in Sydney, NSW which is regularly cleaned by professional end of lease cleaning company in Sydney in order to make sure that our clients always get the best of everything. The working standards we maintain at our company are very professional and can match any international organisation working in mining sector.

Our staff works hard to accomplish any mining projects you might have for us and they are all well-skilled and trained to handle any kid of equipment and project. You can come to us with any kind of mining contract and we will be happy to help you out in the best possible way. Our team is loyal and dedicated to the job and we will follow a customized timeline to finish your project on time and offer you quality and efficient work. We are reliable and dependent and will get your work done, no matter what.

We, at Arumpo Bentonite, take immense pride in delivering end-to-end mining solutions to the leading mining industries as well as locally-based suppliers across the Sydney region. Our contribution to the Australian mining sector is one of our great achievements, and we aim at delivering continuous improvement through our collaborative contracting models. In a short span of time, we have become a primary leader in establishing strategic alliances with suppliers, potential clients and employees. We strive to provide a diverse range of sustainable mining service to take the New South Wales mining industry to the next level. The best part about our company is that we believe in maintaining strong relationships with our employees as well as clients, and that’s the reason why we are one of the leading mining contract companies in Sydney, New South Wales. Our high-quality service goes above and beyond contract mining with an emphasis on project delivery and long-lasting relationships

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