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Mining industry is one of the driving forces of Australian Economy and Arumpo Bentonite is a leading manufacturer and supplier in this sector. Established in 2002, Arumpo Bentonite is a privately-owned mining company with an annual turnover of more than $6million. Our service areas include Sydney and Silverton, Broken Hill, Canbelego, Gilhunnia and other mining towns in New South Wales. We are in the business because mining sector caters to multiple cultures and communities in Australia.

Arumpo’s Bentonite is of high quality and sourced sustainably because the deposits shallow depth makes it possible to mine it without disturbing the environment significantly. Our product is mined from open pits in New South Wales. Its process includes ore mining, sodium activation (only when necessary), drying and milling. We have a team of experienced, skilled and trained professionals to handle each step of mining and processing of Bentonite. handling each step carefully is essential because the moisture content of Bentonite drops up to 30% and the drying of the product must be done in a controlled environment. Our team handles everything expertly otherwise bentonite can lose all its properties and become a grog.

Arumpo Bentonite takes pride in its dedication to environment stewardship as well as sustainability. Our shallow-depth deposits make way for responsible mining practices. This means that the disturbance to the surrounding ecosystems will be minimised. We follow strict protocols throughout the complete mining and processing stages to guarantee minimal environmental impact. Our team of experts handle each step of the process with utmost care and attention. Each and every aspect is handled in the perfect way. Our Bentonite product is well-recognised for its quality and consistency. It meets the standards of the mining industry. We take pride in contributing to the overall success of Australia’s mining sector while not causing any damage to the environment.

If you choose to source Bentonite from Arumpo, we guarantee premium quality material, packed in industry-grade packages. Since our products has valuable properties, it has multiple applications. It is used in the following and many other applications.

  • Foundry as a bonding material
  • Drilling as a mud constituent
  • Civil engineering as a construction material for special foundations
  • Feedstuff as a feeding supplement for animals
  • Water treatment as a water clarifier
  • Agriculture as an ion exchanger
  • Ceramics as an anti-setting agent
  • Paper as a catalyst for pulp into paper conversion

Bentonite is a versatile and highly useful products, which is why we mine is responsibly and use state of the art infrastructure to ensure our patrons can get the best quality bentonite in Sydney and other regions of New South Wales. We follow all mining and processing safety guidelines to abide by mining regulations of New South Wales Government. As we have presence in almost every mining town in NSW, we make sure to hire locals with experience and expertise to excavate and process the ore expertly. We also take mining projects of different scales to meet client requirements.

We take immense pride because we are committed to providing environmental sustainability, safe and responsible mining practices across NSW. We also promote small business who follow sustainable practices and help them retain business by providing them raw material at low cost. If any business is in distress we guide them to list themselves on Australias reputed Website Business2sell, where thousands of Business for sale in Sydney and other regions of Australia are listed. Our in-house team members extract and process valuable minerals while protecting the environment and the local communities we work within. We responsibility use the mineral wealth of NSW using proper methods. Our cutting edge equipment and technology, merged with skilled workforce ensures optimal efficiency and conservation. Our company pays more attention to the safety above all and thus we strictly follow the industry’s standards. Our dedication and excellence towards our work and commitment to boost the economy of NSW made us what we are today.

What’s more, at Arumpo Bentonite, we take risk management seriously because our line of work always has high risk. Therefore, we provide personal protective equipment, safe-work training, mining & industrial workshops and much more to our team.

Owing to our quality product and excellent clint service, we have emerged as the leading Bentonite manufacturers and suppliers in New South Wales. At Arumpo Bentonite, we contribute to the mining industry in Australia and maintain a quick delivery speed with all our varied manufacturers. Our company keeps getting minor contracts with these manufacturers and we make sure we provide utmost quality service. Therefore, if you need a reliable supplier of bentonite in New South Wales, we are ready at your service. Our team works hard to meet all deadlines whether it be for production or for delivery. And we assure you that all our clients receive only the best bentonite in the industry as we conduct complete quality tests and inspections.

If you want to enter a contract with us for sourcing bentonite as a raw material for your work, we are happy to help! Give us a call or drop an email to schedule a meeting with your sales and marketing representatives. They can introduce to different grades of bentonite we sell and the estimated price per kilogram. Depending on your requirement and frequency of delivery, we will device a plan with you to ensure you get a steady supply of quality Bentonite all year round. We have multiple packages as bentonite has a huge demand in a range of industries. Thus, get in touch with us now and meet to start a steady supply of bentonite.

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