CFDF (Clean From Dirty Filtration) is a specialist arm of GUS Group established specifically to provide on-site hydraulic and gear oil filtration for large mining units. CFDF provides on and off-site filtration services for hydraulic and gear oil, returning the oil cleaner and purer than before it was originally used, saving our clients time and money, and assisting the environment at the same time.

We also filter all the black dust released by the mineral deposits we extract so that there is no contamination of the surrounding environment and its people. Our machines are also fitted with sieves to filter all the oil and avoid any damage to the machines. This helps lengthen our machines' lifespan and ensures that they are working in top-notch condition and are completely clean and free of any dirt and debris.

Our deep-level filters also monitor and eliminate carbon dioxide so that the miners can breathe in fresh bouts of oxygen and are not poisoned. Our machines also clean the water at the underground level by filtering the wastewater and treating it so that it can enter the normal watering table and is safe to consume. These filtration systems are regularly checked and monitored by our experienced staff and managers and are in accordance with the company's safety and health standards. We strive to keep our mining company environmentally and ecologically friendly so that there is no release of toxic gas, water and solids that can destroy the environment.

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