Angus Place

  • Major belt upgrade project – subcontracting for gulf conveyor holdings and i.power solutions 
  • Construction of a new 2km long conveyor belt running up a 1:4 gradient drift
  • Construction of a new 300m long conveyor belt rising at the transfer point to a height of 6m underground
  • Construction of 3 new drive heads and a tripper drive
  • Construction of 5.5m tall underground gravity tower
  • Electrical construction of 5 drive heads and a tripper drive
  • Construction of 3 new belt transfers
  • Construction 4 new underground concrete sumps
  • Electrical change over of belt conveyor signalling system 
  • Installation of 8 tonne overhead magnet (6m above the ground)
  • Air and water extensions
  • Stonedusting
  • Installation of superstrand, megabolts, tendons etc on current secondary support contract.
  • Replace existing fireline along 303 conveyor belt.
  • Rubber tyre transition project (changing from rails to rubber tyre vehicles).
  • Installing 8m superstrands off a scissorlift.
  • Installing quikseal stoppings
  • Assisting with longwall relocation
  • General outbye duties
  • Drilling & assisting with shotfiring and resupport for widening of drift
  • Drilling & assisting with shotfiring of floors & sumps
  • Installing belt hanging bolts and regrading conveyor belt 
  • Rib corner support using grouted tendons and mesh
  • Installation of 3m Hilti rib bolts