GUS Mining P/L

GUS Mining provides specialist services to the mining industry including electrical and mechnical maintenance, longwall services and equipment and conveyor installation and maintenance. Our staff is our greatest asset. We employ dedicated people who offer a wide range of capabilities and extensive experience. Their knowledge and understanding of our clients operations gives GUS the flexibility to deliver a cost competitive, high quality service to meet the objectives and timeframes of our clients.

Services and Products

Electrical & Mechanical Maintenance

  • Longwall
    • Pumps, Shearers, Chocks, AFC & BSL, Substations,  Distribution Boxes & Monorail Systems
  • Development
    • Miners, Shuttlecars, Ratio Feeders, Mobile Foot Ends, Auxiliary Ventilation Fans & Distribution Boxes
  • Conveyor
    • Rollers, Scrapers, Clip & Splice Inspections, Grading, Alignment & Cleaning, & Electrical Inspection
  • General Services
    • Concreting Sumps, Slabs & Walkways
    • Fabrication & Modifications on-site
    • Manufacturing of Guarding which complies to the Australian Standard
    • Stonedusting
    • Secondary Support (Trusses, Flexibolts, Split Sets, Prop Setters, Megabolts, Linklocks, ETC) 
    • Design & Fabrication of Support Systems
  • Conveyor Belt Installations
    • Electrical
      • Above and below ground electrical work involving the latest technologies (VVVF DRIVES)
      • Installation of substations and switchrooms
      • EDDY current winches, fluid coupling drives and vector drives
      • Tripper drive installations
      • I-MAC and ringway belt control signalling systems
      • VCA voice communication controllers
      • VAA prestart & communications system, which include remote isolation
      • Electrical and Mechanical Support Systems (UNISTRUT)
    • Mechanical
      • Construction of underground transfers
      • Construction of underground gravity towers
      • Loop take ups
      • Tripper drivers
      • Conveyor drive modules
      • Construction & continuation of Belt Systems 
      • Air & Water supply extensions

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